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Buy provigil from canada - Buy modafinil from india online

Buy provigil from canada - Buy modafinil from india online

Michael A. Rivers has been acting for 10 years now. He went professional in 2009 and is currently SAG eligible.

Michael started acting in high school plays and did so in college along with doing short films. He is currently doing commercials and feature films to improve his status as a professional actor. Michael enjoys filming all types of films from comedy to suspense and even horror.

Michael played Drake Walker in Tainted Love, a Love Can Make a Difference Production.

Mindy Jackson

Mindy was born and raised in Arkansas. She has always loved movies and acting from a
very young age. She started acting in high school because growing up in a small town
there was not a lot of opportunity to get into acting. She has performed in talent shows and pageants and loves being on stage and in the spotlight.

Mindy plays Samantha Johnson in Tainted Love, a Love Can Make a Difference Production.

Rob Edwards

Rob Edwards is a S.A.G. eligible actor who has been acting for approximately 7 yearswhile residing in the Phoenix, AZ. area. Born in Jacksonville, Fla., then migrated to the Midwest where he attended over 24 schools prior to graduating H.S. in Peoria, Il. While in high school, Rob had become friends with two individuals who became well known future celebrities of comedy and music…Sam Kinison and Dan Fogelberg. Acting in film has been Rob’s passion. He is often referred to as a character actor taking on a myriad of challenging roles including a homeless man, western outlaw, a ghost, an insane bum and an annoying neighbor…just to name a few

Rob plays Mr. Johnson in Tainted Love, a Love Can Make a Difference Production.

Susan Rienzo

Susan was born in Paterson, NJ and raised in Wayne NJ. She started acting at a very
young age. As a kid her mom would bring her to Manhattan for modeling jobs. She
really got serious about acting in High School, but took some time off and got back
into it once she moved to Arizona. She has been in “A New World Order”, “Stuck
outside Phoenix”, and “Grief”. She has also been in many shorts, student films,
commercials, video and TV work.

Susan plays Karen Johnson in Tainted Love, a Love Can Make a Difference Production.